Reiki is considered to be a Massage Therapy Specialty. You must have a state massage therapy license in Florida to perform Reiki.

Reiki is winning over the hearts and minds in hospitals and clinical settings. Whether its all in the mind, or mind or matter or a super sugar pill, Reiki is making its case for many medical conditions to help relieve anxiety and pain to helping overcome sleeping disturbances.

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We have been supplying approved massage continuing education since 1996. May we provide continuing education for you to renew your state massage license.

Reiki should be a part of all health care professionals repertoire to give their clients and patients all they deserve. Course includes the latest medical research studies. Simple therapy to include in therapy practice. Moving up the levels needs more study. This is a downloadable course for state license renewal.

Please check state map to verify we are approved in your state. 100% guarantee with all our continuing education courses.

This is a online course for your state massage therapy license renewal only.

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"Why haven't I been using reiki with my massage clients all along?" Yasim Z.

"Basic Reiki positions were easy to implement immediately." Veronica N.

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Credit Hours: 3