Foot Spa Massage Specialty Techniques 3 CEU DVD

"Also appreciated was the instruction on pace and rhythm, as well as using a wheeled chair for proper body mechanics. Mark S., LMT"

Massage Therapy Specialty for Foot Massage Specialization. We have been supplying approved massage continuing education since 1996. May we provide continuing education for you to renew your state massage license?

Warm up your massage therapy clients with a wonderful foot massage. Stand out from the crowd and help them stand up taller and lighter. Your massage therapy clients will feel like they are walking on clouds.

Foot massage techniques or spa reflexology techniques for the foot DVD. Some people call it spa reflexology but these foot techniques incorporates more use of the general hand and will not put wear and tear on your thumb. Use all the foot massage techniques or just add a couple to your manual therapy massages foot routine. The feet deserve extra time and attention for all the work they do each and every day.

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Credit Hours: 3