Florida LMT 12 CEU Online Course Package Includes All Mandatory Courses for 2019 Florida State Massage License Renewal

Florida LMT package to renew your Florida state massage license includes your mandatory courses and our most popular downloadable course. (This package does not satisfy live ceu requirement.)

Also includes Reiki course that is easy to incorporate into any massage therapy session. Wonderful illustrations for each Reiki basic positions for you to include energy work in your massage therapy practice today! Muscles and Meridians is an interesting course to discover again or for the first time the meridians you are stimulating massaging muscles under your hands everyday.

You will receive in your package:
Ethics for Massage Therapists - 2 hours
Florida Law for Massage Therapists - 2 hours
Medical Errors for Massage Therapists - 2 hours
Muscles and Meridians - 4 hours
Reiki for Therapy - 3 Hour Course

Credit Hours: 12