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Acupressure is one of the most widely used massage specialties for pain relief more than relaxation purposes although after giving relief from painful conditions the muscles fibers are relaxed.

Acupressure goes beneath the surface to open energy pathways that connect the subtle anatomy. Detailed information so that you will gain insight and therapy ideas long after the course is over. Courses includes meridians charts and highlighted points for each meridian.

Objectives: Specific educational objectives of this course: To introduce key acupressure points to be easily incorporated into any massage therapy stress reduction or sports massage routine.

This course includes an overall view of the history of acupressure, meridians, and their importance from a research point of view and how effects may enhance every stress reduction routines through Medical Relaxation.

From Marc in AZ: "The course was great, a nice refresher/ introduction to the meridian lines. I am looking forward to stimulating some new points for sure!"

"It makes sense about the correlation between what muscles my massage client tells me is sore and the medications they are taking." Sarah J. NV

"I found this course fun and interesting." Jenny C. WA

"I give extra pressure on the muscle where now I know a vital meridian point is. My massage clients get a little extra from doing this." Pete D. FL

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Credit Hours: 5