Utah Massage Therapy Laws

Does the Utah Board of Massage accept Massage Specialties CEUs courses?

There is no continuing education requirement for the state of Utah, however, the same foundation applies whether a state requires a continuing education requirement or not. The way to make more money in the massage therapy industry is to specialize in a massage specialty because that is how the public seeks out a massage therapist performing massage specialties.

R156-47b-303.  Renewal Cycle - Procedures.

(1)  In accordance with Subsection 58-1-308(1)(a), the renewal date for the two-year renewal cycle

applicable to licensees under Title 58, Chapter 47b is established by rule in Section R156-1-308a.

(2)  Renewal procedures shall be in accordance with Sections R156-1-308c through R156-1-308e.


R156. Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing.

R156-1. General Rule of the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

R156-1-308a. Renewal Dates.

(1) The following standard two-year renewal cycle renewal dates are established by license classification in accordance with the Subsection 58-1-308(1):

(48)  Massage Apprentice, Therapist May 31 odd years

58-1-501. Unlawful and unprofessional conduct.

(2) "Unprofessional conduct" means conduct, by a licensee or applicant, that is defined as unprofessional conduct under this title or under any rule adopted under this title and includes:
     (a) violating, or aiding or abetting any other person to violate, any statute, rule, or order regulating an occupation or profession under this title;
     (b) violating, or aiding or abetting any other person to violate, any generally accepted professional or ethical standard applicable to an occupation or profession regulated under this title;
     (c) engaging in conduct that results in conviction, a plea of nolo contendere, or a plea of guilty or nolo contendere which is held in abeyance pending the successful completion of probation with respect to a crime of moral turpitude or any other crime that, when considered with the functions and duties of the occupation or profession for which the license was issued or is to be issued, bears a reasonable relationship to the licensee's or applicant's ability to safely or competently practice the occupation or profession;
     (d) engaging in conduct that results in disciplinary action, including reprimand, censure,

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