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Texas Massage Specialties CEUS online are recognized by the Texas board of massage and the FSMTB and satisfy all those massage therapists who took the MBLEx exam to obtain your state massage license.  You can use your state massage license to transfer your Texas massage state license using our Texas Massage CEUS online courses.  Our approved massage courses are recognized by most state massage boards, but you should double check your state massage board requirements which are posted on our website for your convenience.  We are also recognized the Florida Board of Massge, Florida Board of Acupunture, by the American Reflexology Certified Board and other esteemed healthcare organizations.

All courses must be obtained through a Board of Massage Therapy provider.  Once you have your massage license our courses can help you to gain education in the massage specialty you choose.  You can also use ourmassage courses to renew your state massage license and keep up on your Texas massage CEUS online.   When you have gotten your state massage license and you are ready to choose your specialty our Texas massage specialties CEUS online is the best way to go.  Purchase as many of our courses as you would like until you find the one the calls to you.

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In less than 30 days you can be on your way to having your continuing education credits and decide which massage specialty is for you. You can choose from many areas including Medical Theories of Reflexology, Foot Massage Techniques, Talassotherapy Spa Applications, Lymphatic Massage, Hot Stone massage and many more.   Start your Texas Massage CEUS online today and be on your way to a better career and make your dream of becoming a massage specialist happen today.   You can get your Texas Massage CEUS in less than 30 days by downloading our online program or ordering our DVD courses.

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