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Use of this site in any way constitutes acceptance of these and all other terms and conditions. It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine continuing education needs which is the only purpose of this website to renew or transfer a state license. Massage Specialties CEUS cannot be held and is not liable for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations made by the user in using this website. Please read the terms and agreements in full for your own protection as we are here to provide continuing education for state license renewal adhering to the highest code of ethics in providing services to state licensees. We do report unethical behavior or unprofessional conduct to protect the public and uphold professional performance.

Massage Specialties CEUS Terms and Conditions policy.

You must agree and check off our no refund policy before any purchase can be made because of copyrighted and trademark materials in courses and other copyrighted authors. You are also agreeing to only purchasing credit hours from Massage Specialties CEUs for a state license renewal only or for AMTA or ABMP certification needs only. NO NCBMB credits are issued from us or inferred by us as Massage Specialties CEUS refuses to have any association in any form on any level with the NCBTMB organization which is not a requirement for state license renewal except for Georgia which we have posted quite clearly on our website. Massage Specialties CEUS cannot be held responsible in any way for decisions made by the licensee to either renew or reactivate a state license. The licensee retains sole responsibility for license renewal needs and courses purchased to renew, transfer or reactivate a state license. We want you to be completely satisfied, so if anything is not right, if you are in any way dissatisfied with your order, please contact us within 24 hours of purchase date to arrange for exchange authorization. No course exchanges for courses that were purchased in our course saving bundles. We will report anyone to their state board who purchased false pretenses with any intent to harm Massage Specialties CEUS as our courses are clearly stated for renewal of state licenses or AMTA or ABMP certification needs. Our logo cannot be reprinted or reproduced in any manner or be subject to legal consequences. Massage Specialties CEUS, has a no refund policy for online courses once they have been purchased and for DVDs once they have been opened. It is not the intent of Massage Specialties CEUS to offer retail products for the general public as we are a continuing education company allowing massage therapists, physical therapists, cosmetologists, acupuncture physicians and Washington DC nurses and those with duel licenses to complete renewal requirements to remain compliant. Please note that all credit card exchanges will be placed on the card used for the original purchase. Allow approximately 4 weeks from the day you return your package for your account to be credited minus the 25% restocking and handling fee for the exchange to occur. If the original payment was a check, money order, you will receive a check in the agreed amount by mail. It is not the responsibility of Massage Specialties CEUS to determine if your state board accepts our continuing education credits but we list all states that accept our massage courses and state rules and laws accordingly. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and Massage Specialties CEUS does not accept responsible for any state massage board acting out of the parameters of adhering to their posted state laws by not accepting our continuing education courses. A letter in writing directly from the state board must be sent to Massage Specialties CEUS for review for any determination to be made. Massage Specialties CEUS website disclaims liability for any errors or omissions or commissions and clearly states that any and all policies are subject to change.

An original certificate(s) is sent upon successful completion of each test provided for each course after receiving the answer sheet only returned for grading to Massage Specialties CEUS by either fax or scanned through email to the fax number and email address only listed on all test answer sheets. Should a certificate copy or replacement be required please see our FAQ section for instructions. We are trying to observe "green" measures by cutting down on paper and labor costs using automation. We suggest completing your work in 30 days before losing access to the system. All accounts will be locked after 120 days for non-completed course work.

 If you have any questions or problems with Massage Specialties CEUS DVD, online downloadable please contact us through the website contact us immediately. Please make sure you have the latest adobe PDF program. You will find the latest Adobe downloads at www.adobe.com. Please be aware that due to the nature of the downloadable and online courses, we are not responsible for any and all personal server issues for courses to be downloaded. We are not responsible if you are unfamiliar with computers as any and all downloading issues are not the responsibility of Massage Specialties CEUS. All downloadable courses sales are final - absolutely no refunds will be issued for courses and exchanges only for up to the first 48 hours after purchase, and no exchanges will apply if Massage Specialties CEUS is not contacted within 48 hours. Massage Specialties CEUS, is not responsible for purchaser personal computer equipment failures, server failures, or if file is not able to be downloaded by purchaser equipment. A credit minus a 25% restocking and handling fee may be applied towards a DVD mail order home study course, if unopened in the same subject material and purchaser will be liable for shipping and handling charges. Unopened DVD mail order course refunds will only be issued for the return of all materials unopened in the original packaging materials. Unopened DVD mail order courses course will subject to a 25% restocking fee for exchange with an online course. No refunds will include original shipping and handling charges. Any exchanged online courses will be subjected to a 25% exchange fee after the first 48 hours. Any refunds made because of fraudulent intent, misleading information, not entering a state license number will be processed a 50% processing service fee which is considered including avoiding replying to emails, or being evasive about answering direct questions pertaining to state licensing or about having any association or connection or seeking credits for renewal with the NCBTMB. We do not ascribe to the Better Business Bureau because this is not a consumer issue and all purchases are made to renewal state licenses and any issues or concerns may be taken up with the state licensing board directly. The Better Business Bureau only handles consumer issues and this sale is not considered a consumer sale.

Massage Specialties CEUS, does not share any responsibility for personal expenses of any kind incurred from traveling, food, communication or any other incidentals whether from attending a live seminar or from a seminar cancellation by Massage Specialties CEUS. The posted seminar price is for the participation of the scheduled seminar only. Seminar supplies are not included in seminar fee unless posted previously and stated in advertising. We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled seminar and give notice by email up to seven days prior to the seminar scheduled date and will refund all monies if Massage Specialties CEUS cancels the seminar or live class. We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled seminar or live class and give notice by telephone, email or fax seven days prior to the scheduled date. Seminar participants will be issued a full refund if no rescheduling of same seminar is scheduled within 90 days by Massage Specialties CEUS is the default party of the seminar reason of cancellation. Seminar participants may cancel 30 days prior to seminar scheduled date may receive a full refund minus a $50.00 administration fee. Seminar participants will receive 50% refund for seminar cancellations postmarked fourteen days prior to seminar scheduled date minus the $50.00 administration fee. No refunds will be issued for notice less than fourteen days of any scheduled seminar or live class. Please note that Massage Specialties CEUS Affiliates do not receive commission for personal continuing education requirements. Massage Specialties CEUS is not responsible for any status changes made by state massage boards or approval agencies listings or lack of thereof, for reasons beyond our control. Massage Specialties CEUS is ethical and posts the state massage laws on our website as current information as a result of the approval agency decision making from your purchase date until eternity. Massage Specialties CEUS is bound to a timeline for the student to complete their ceu hours in a timely manner and ceu classes should be taken in a timely manner after purchase to enjoy a quality learning experience to satisfy continuing education learning requirements by deadlines. * Massage Specialties CEUS defines a timely learning experience by completing a course in a twenty-four to seventy-two hour time frame. Multiple course purchases would reflect multiple twenty-four hour windows to complete each course but all courses must be completed in a 15 day timeframe to be valid. This offer is dependent on any changes by approval agencies listing Massage online Professor.


YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REGULARLY REVIEWING Massage Specialties CEUS terms and condition polices and it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to read the terms and conditions in full. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser TO DECIDE LICENSE RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS TO RENEW OR TRANSFER A STATE LICENSE AND/OR TO OBTAIN AMENDMENT CHANGES TIMELY. YOU SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE ACCEPTED SUCH AMENDMENTS BY CONTINUING TO USE THE SERVICES AFTER SUCH AMENDMENTS HAVE BEEN POSTED and after the terms and conditions have been agreed to at point of purchase. Massage Specialties CEUS reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account upon rejection of any card charges, misrepresentation of purchase, or if your card issuer seeks return of payments previously made to Massage Specialties CEUS when Massage Specialties CEUS believes you are liable for the charge(s). If you are liable for the charge(s), a reactivation fee may apply to reinstate service. Once service is suspended, Massage Specialties CEUS does not guarantee the same log in/password will be available if service is reactivated on the website so the student can make the determination if Massage Specialties CEUS is approved by that state massage board. We cannot be held responsible for any state massage board changes or for any such changes that are out of control of Massage Specialties CEUS. We cannot be held responsible for any fiduciary or financial losses and all policies are subject to change.