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Massage Specialties CEUS FAQ 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”   Mahatma Gandhi

What if I cannot download my courses?

Please contact us and we will send your course materials attached to a direct email to you.

How soon are my ceu credits reported to CE Broker?

Immediately! As soon as we receive your answer sheet or email with your answers in the body of the email.

How do I obtain my ceu certificate?

  1. First you must purchase a course of your interest or needs to renew your state massage license.
  2. Download the course materials including the test and answer sheet.
  3. Read the materials, answer the questions to the simple test and place answers on the answer sheet provided.
  4. Either email answers directly with complete information as requested on answer sheet. No attachments accepted.
  5. Fax the course answer sheet back only. (Fax number provided on answer sheet.)
  6. We then email you one certificate after passing the test. (If you need your certificate mailed please send a self addressed stamped envelope.)
  7. It's that easy and our courses are very informative.


Can I use Massage Specialties CEUS to renew my state massage license?

Yes, as your state massage license is the only official recognized legal document that you need to legally practice.*

Does Massage Specialites CEUS bear any responsibility or involved with renewing or transfering a state license?

No. The responsibility is solely with the licensee to know their state laws and requirements needed to renew a state license or transfer a state license. If the licensee is unsure then it is best for the licensee to contact their state board or former massage school for clarification. Massage Specialites CEUS post the state laws as a service but hold or does not take any responsibility for any licensee and their requirements needs for any and all states that require licensing.

What if I am having trouble completing my order and getting to the check out page?

Please update your cart to refresh and this will lead you to the check out page to pay and complete your order.

Does Massage Specialties CEUS offer a group discount?

Please use the contact us form with all detailed information for a special discount when 4 or more people would like a group discount.

What if I need a copy of my certificate?

Please send a check in the amount of $9.95 along with a stamped self addressed envelop to the address below.

What if I am unable to open my certificate via the email attachment?

Please make sure you have the latest Adobe Reader software update as Massage Specialties are not responsible or liable for certificates that cannot be opened, are lost or deleted by error. You will need to send a check in the amount of $9.95 along with a stamped self addressed envelop to the address below.

If I purchase a downloadable course how many times am I able to download it without additional charges?

Because of security reasons to keep your information safe and secure you may download and save the course materials once to your desktop.

What is I want a refund for any reason?

You may obtain a credit as long as you do not download any course materials.

Why do I need a massage specialty?

It is not that you need a massage specialty but it has the most potential to bring you the chance of advancement for your massage therapy career and bring the best benefits to your clients. It  is the way the massage field has worked for thousands of years and why there are hundreds of massage specialties. We choose the ones with the most research studies and advancement potential in the field.

Will a massage specialty help me find employment?

Absolutely! Most spas now want someone who specializes in a massage specialty and can provide the proper documentation.

Will a massage specialty help my professional growth?

That is why a massage specialty is all about which is to separate you from the pack. Massages specialties are finding their way into medical settings now more than ever.

Do I need to be a massage therapist to use a massage specialty?

No, we are also approved for cosmetologists, physical therapists, certain nursing boards and acupuncture physicians. These specialties would fit ideally in these professions along with most massage therapists work in the offices of these named professions.

Do I use the Massage Specialties CEUS courses for continuing education?

Yes. That really is the point of our courses which is to explore the subject matter to see if you want to pursue the subject matter more. If the subject matter grabs your interest then it is best then to get a book on the subject that will go into far more depth and detail which sometimes is much too involved for continuing education purposes. In our courses we suggest paths of training for the subject matter including the latest medical research studies.

Does a continuing education provider have to be approved by any national association?

No, that would fall under business monopolization practices. Massage Specialties CEUS is directly approved by state massage therapy boards.

* Virginia and Georgia are the only states that require national certification for an added cost to needing a state license to practice massage therapy. We still can offer 12 hours of education to those massage therapists licensed in the state of Virigina as well as all the other states that license massage to renew a massage state license with continuing education requirements. The states that license massage therapy offer many options to renew a state massage license. We have posted state laws for continuing education for your benefit. Please read your state laws to be fully informed. 

Do I need national certification in order to renew my license?*

*No except for two states (Georgia and Virginia. Please see previous question.) which we hope the laws will be changing as this really fall under business monopolization practices. The state license is the legal instrument. Note: Virginia does accept 12 hours from approved continuing education provider Massage Specialties CEUS)

Do I use my state license to transfer to another state?

Yes. If transferring your state massage license to Florida you need 10 hours of Florida law, 2 hours of Medical Error Prevention and a 3 Hour HIV course which we supply these courses. In Washington state you need a 4 hour Ethics course.

Is the national certification a national license?


Will I make more money using massage specialties?

Yes, as patients and clients would come and seek you out because you are a specialist in your chosen massage specialty field.

How many massage specialties are there?

About one hundred, but we choose the ones that are up and coming and would provide the best employment avenues and best outcome of investment.

How long have massage specialties been around?

Thousands of years and that is why there are hundreds of massage specialties to choose from. We chose the massage specialties from our experience in the massage field that we feel have the most long term growth and income potential.

What does a massage specialty course include?

We try and provide you with enough information to make an educated decision on whether to pursue that particular massage specialty in order to expand your present practice or help you to decide to specialize exclusively. We include the rich history and/or development so you can appreciate the therapy and be excited to perform it for the long term. We also include the background, recent research studies and articles to help you decide if the massage specialty is right for you with its potential.

How long will it take for me to pursue a massage specialty?

To be a certified expert in a specific massage specialty does take some time but with that comes increased revenue plus the satisfaction and joy along with reducing burn out. We recommend that you “practice” with your present clients to keep them involved and you then have instant feedback and automatic clientele.

What is Massage Specialties CEUS refund policy?

There are no refunds as these courses contain copyrighted information and licensing agreement materials. DVDs can only be exchanged if sent back in 48 hours from received shipment date and if original packaging has not been opened. Our policies are standard for the industry.

How long do I have to complete a Massage Specialties CEUS course?

If you are using the course to receive a continuing education certificate then you have 30 days to complete the course from the date of purchase. For DVD home study courses you will have 30 days from delivery date. Our policies are standard for the industry.

How do I know my massage therapy board will Massage Specialties CEUS continuing education credits?

Because It is the law and we are law biding citizens and operate ethically at Massage Specialties CEUS and are bound by a moral and ethical code to all. Please read your state massage laws in full. For your convenience we have posted continuing education laws, or what we could find online for that state. Call your board to verify prior to purchase for your own peace of mind as we want your full confidence with us.

Must I be certified to perform a massage specialty?

That is a personal ethics commitment. To claim you are certified in a massage specialty – absolutely. To dabble perhaps not, but that is not the way to move up the ladder and make more revenue in the massage field which is to go for the gold with a specialized practice. We promise that you will see a huge difference in the clientele that seeks your services and income potential when you make the move from providing general massage services to a massage specialty service.

Will I make more money if I go to a massage school that offers massage hours above and beyond the 500 hours?

Most likely not, the extra hours are usually to make the massage school more money with public massage clinic hours.

Who is Massage Specialties approved by? We are directly approved by the following which many more state massage boards accept our credentials:

American Heart Association (AHA) BLS and Heart Saver CPR Instructor

American Institute of Health Care Professionals (AIHCP)

Florida Board of Massage Therapy

Texas Board of Massage

CE Broker listed approved continuing education provider

District of Columbia Nursing

Florida Board of Nursing for Certified Nursing Assistants

South Carolina State Massage Therapy Boards

Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS)

Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB)

Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy LAP0157

Texas Licensing Board (Massage Therapy) CE 1535 

Our continuing eduation credits are accepted and recognized by:

ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) 

All those states with a heart of the map on our homepage

We are professional members of:

American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD)

American Association for Health Education (AAHE) who is recognized by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing and approved by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Florida State Massage Therapy Associate (FSMTA)

Massage News

FSMTB and NCBTMB have reached an Agreement. NCBTMB will no longer accept applications to utilize their Licensing exams effective November 1, 2014 for completion February 1, 2015. The MBLEx will be the sole licensing exam for the Massage Profession, this will facilitate portability and standardization for Massage Therapists. 

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