Florida Massage Continuing Education Online

Are you are ready to start your new career in massage therapy or become a massage specialist?  Our Florida massage continuing education online courses are the most convenient way to start.  Start advancing yourself in massage therapy and find your passion or specialty with our easy to order courses.  Our courses are nationally recognized, but you should double check your state requirements which are posted on our website for your convenience.  Find the information in laws by state at the bottom of the page. 

Don’t let anyone talk you into spending your hard earned money on expensive classes to get your Florida continuing education credits.  You can purchase your Florida massage continuing education online courses in as little as a few clicks and start your courses in as little as a few days.  Find your niche or just learn something new to better yourself.  Our course are designed for all types of people, you could just be beginning or be a professional already because everyone must do continuing education to maintain your state license. 

Florida Massage Continuing Education Online Is So Convenient

In the privacy of your own home or office you can begin your Florida massage continuing education.  All of our courses are easy to understand and you can always go back to learn a lesson again.  You must complete the course within 30 days and fax us your test so that we can get you your certificate of completion.  You can use this certificate to maintain your class hours for your Florida massage continuing education.

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