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We are your massage specialty connection. We know that is how you move up the ladder in the massage therapy field. Our courses will help introduce you to which massage specialty is best for your career expansion. Renew your Florida state massage license with us. We have all your mandatory continuing education course needs including Florida Ethics for Massage Therapists, Florida Law for Massage Therapists and Florida Medical Errors for Massage Therapists. With our courses starting at only $9.99 how could you go wrong getting started today.  Don’t go back to a classroom take our courses from the privacy of your own home, and spend the extra time making the money you deserve.  Don’t wait get started today and you could be on your way to achieving the dreams that you have always had.  You will not be disappointed with the courses that we have to offer our easy to use courses will guide you in the right direction to become a specialist.

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By taking a simple step and ordering our courses you are on your way to a better career.  Begin your Florida continuing education for massage therapy now.  All of our courses are easy to understand and it is so simple to get your certificates why wouldn’t you get started.  Stop sitting in classrooms to get your massage continuing education order our courses and begin in the privacy of your own home or office and get your certificate in the mail.

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